Change Management

Sheffield has extensive experience in supporting organisations and their leaders navigate change. Our consultants are able either to lead the change process or take an advisory role to support your leadership team initiate organisational redesign, executive search and selection processes, leadership development and outplacement/career transition services.


Organisational Restructure Advisory 

During any large change, leaders can better mobilise their organisations by setting clear priorities for a response and empowering others to implement relevant solutions. This may mean reorganising in the short or long term to become more team-based as roles and responsibilities shift. It may also mean identifying your most critical positions and ensuring you have back-up plans in place. 

Sheffield consultants are well- prepared to advise and deliver appropriate solutions to meet any of these needs, including organisational analysis, critical position identification, career management, capability assessment for reselection, 1:1 coaching & executive recruitment. 


Organisational Strategy Review & Alignment 

Sheffield offers a comprehensive review of the factors that drive organizational success and helps ensure these are not diminished in moving to a new work environment. We work closely with organisations and their key stakeholders to determine the most appropriate structures and leadership frameworks that deliver future value.

Our methodologies are robust to help determine both organizational and job design as a result of change.


Leading through Change

Many leaders are not confident managing the complex interpersonal dynamics that can hinder necessary change initiatives.  Navigating these issues can be stressful and difficult. Therefore, it is critical to prepare and support leaders to face these challenges competently. 

Sheffield has worked extensively with a range of clients to assist leaders in a variety of ways, such as:

• Development of change and communication plans

• Change readiness workshops for individuals and leaders

• Facilitation of change workshops

• Supporting skill development on ‘live’ change projects

• Career management, transition support and outplacement services.


Team Development & Alignment

Sheffield is well equipped to enhance team performance. We help teams to build a better understanding of how they work together, to facilitate greater cohesion and support better decision making.

The consistent, positive feedback we receive underscores our ability to work pragmatically, professionally and in close partnership with clients no matter how complex the business environment is.

For more information, you are most welcome to talk to one of our consultants today.