DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast is back!

After an interesting series of ‘covid’ twists in the Global Leadership Forecast of 2021, which helped us to refine the way in which DDI delivers it’s GLF research to leaders and organisations around the world, we’re back with the Global Leadership Forecast 2023!

Sheffield would like to give you and your organisation the opportunity to take part in DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast and provide you with access to global, regional, and industry insights to better understand what leadership attributes and practices can truly enhance your organisational performance. There is absolutely no cost associated with participating in this study, you will simply have the opportunity to contribute to the collection of New Zealand specific data and research (something that is scarce in our industry) that will be published in a global report.

Your organisation’s participation gives you access to a series of themed research reports, and a company benchmark report* worth US$50,000, at no cost to you!


Ways to Participate 

There are two ways you can participant in study and be a part of collection of valuable, New Zealand specific data:

Participate as an individual 

Simply choose to participate in the ‘leader’ survey and provide your answers! The leader survey will take approximate 10 minutes to complete. It is fine to participate in the survey without the goal of organisational participation.

Participate as an organisation (and receive a free Company Benchmark Report*) 

Your organisation's HR leader will need to choose to participate in the ‘HR leader’ survey. The HR survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Once the HR leader completes the HR survey, they will receive a unique leader survey link to forward to the leaders in their organisation. The link will be for the Leader Survey, which will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The HR leader will be updated on how the organisation is doing with leader participation during the collection time to help support and reinforce their internal efforts with their leaders to make sure they’re meeting the minimum number of leaders needed (at least 30 leaders) to qualify for a company report.

*To qualify for a Company Benchmark Report, an organisation must have a minimum of 1 HR leader and 30 leaders complete the survey.


Join Today

The GLF survey will be open from April 4th 2022 for all participants. The survey will close on the June 17th 2022 for HR leaders, and on July 1st 2022 for Leaders.

As the largest leadership research study of its kind, more than 15,000 global leaders and 2,000 organisations contributed to the survey in 2021. To ensure you are able to participate in the GLF and receive these valuable insights, click the button below and fill in your details so that we’re able to send you participation instructions.

Take the GLF Survey Now

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Have a question about participating? Ask us – SheffieldOD@sheffield.co.nz

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of questions does the Global Leadership Forecast ask?

The forecast will focus on current and emerging topics such as the value and stickiness of leadership development programs, leadership motivations, engagement, and retention, and the work experiences faced by leaders of different genders, generational groups, and cultures. It will capture information about the business issues and context faced by participating organisations, to determine which leadership practices drive business outcomes in each scenario.

What is the difference between the HR and Leader Survey?

  • The HR Survey provides a better understanding of the leadership development practices used within an organisation and how they are being implemented, as well as the business issues and contexts an organisation is facing and planning towards.
  • The Leader Survey provides personal insight from leaders on their development (including their own experiences and perspectives) and evaluations of the growth support provided by the organisation. This survey is appropriate for leaders at all levels.

The surveys also share common questions to provide two perspectives on the same themes and topics.

What is a company report?

Companies with at least one HR response and the minimum number of leaders, 30, will receive a complimentary company benchmarking report. The report allows you to measure your organisation’s leadership practices against global, regional, and industry benchmarks, to examine key leadership strengths and developmental opportunities based on global trends, and to determine which talent practices linked to financial outcomes are most in – or out – of alignment with those used by peer companies.

What do an organisation’s leaders get out of taking the survey?

This is a chance for leaders to anonymously offer feedback on what’s working and what isn’t in a company’s programs, what it’s like to be a leader in the organisation, and the challenges they face.

Are responses, and responding organisations, kept confidential?

The only person who receives the company-specific information is the responding organisation’s HR contact. The rest of the information is aggregated into the company or overall reports. If a company participates, their name is included in the list of participating organisations. If they would prefer not to have their name listed, we can accommodate that request, please email Marieke.Jansonius@Sheffield.co.nz. Individual leader responses are not separated out or seen individually by anyone in the company.

How will an organisation’s data be used?

The data will only be presented in the series of reports as part of an aggregate (average) summary. Leader responses will remain anonymous but will roll up to an organisation’s responses if a company report is created.

What is DDI’s experience with such research?

DDI has conducted numerous international studies on industry trends and best practices and has been quoted in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, CNBC, BusinessWeek, T+D (Training & Development), Forbes, and Human Resource Executive Magazine. This is our tenth edition of the Global Leadership Forecast.

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