Sheffield provides customised support to help employees navigate periods of transition or change in their employment.

Our solutions offer practical guidance on career transition, as well as in-depth career planning assistance.


Our transition coaching is tailored to meet individual needs and is delivered in four or more sessions, scheduled at the participants convenience. They can choose to meet with the transition coach face-to-face at our offices, or online. We offer tiered packages from Standard to Executive level, including group workshop options. 

Our approach starts with getting to know the person, their needs and aspirations. 
We also incorporate understanding the psychology of change, and how to access support available to them. 
They can select from a wide range of topics they want to focus on, including: 

Navigating career change 

Optimising cover letters, CVs, Linkedin and other online profiles

Job market navigation and support

Defining career values and ‘personal brand’

Interview preparation training

Workbooks and Resources

Complementing the transition coaching sessions, Sheffield provides participants with targeted workbooks and resources. These assets will support their specific needs, help them work towards their goals, and make the most of their face-to-face time with their coach. 

Optional: Psychometric Assessment

Career success starts with understanding yourself and your impact on others. In addition to the resources outlined above, Sheffield can provide anoptional in-depth Personality and Psychometric Assessment reports. These include an in-depth custom personality report highlighting strengths, development needs, risks and derailers, motivations, values, and preferences. To maximise the insights gained for your career and development needs the results are debriefed with an experienced consultant.

Why Sheffield?

Organisational Support

During times of change or restructuring, impacted individuals can often experience feelings of self-doubt, vulnerability, and grief. Sheffield is committed to providing support that enables your employees to retain a positive and confident approach to their career during this time.  

Providing this support is critical for not only the impacted individuals, but also for the employees who remain in the organisation. Sheffield has developed a comprehensive programme, tailored to everyone’s strengths and circumstances, which combines the knowledge and expertise of our integrated HR offerings.  

Bespoke Offering

Our outplacement programmes are one-size-fits-one, as everyone’s career journey is unique to them. The objective is to ensure that individuals are in control of their career and have the practical skills and knowledge to present themselves with increased self-awareness, focus and confidence.

Local Knowledge

Our understanding of what New Zealand employers are looking for in management and executive recruitment underpins our career development work. We draw on our expertise as coaches, human resources experts, and recruitment consultants to develop our programs. 

Sheffield has over 60 years of experience providing outplacement, transition support, and career development advice to our clients and candidates. 

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