We design sustainable development programs for leaders at every level.

Customised Leadership Development

Provide sustainable learning journeys for leaders at all levels.

Strategic Alignment

Ensure your culture and leadership skillset are tightly aligned with your business strategy.

360o Feedback

Gain awareness of perceptions across the business to help identify leaders' strengths and areas for development.

Leadership Assessment

Identify leadership strengths and learning opportunities through targeted assessment tools.

Behavioural Interview Training 

Teach your hiring managers the skill of fair and accurate candidate evaluation.


Provide individuals or teams with the support they require to move forward.

Why Sheffield?

learning solutions 

From the traditional classroom to the virtual classroom, and self-paced online training.


We partner with clients to make the journey easier, deliver a great experience and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Powerful development solutions for every level

Our solutions are tailored to achieve meaningful results for individuals, front-line, middle-level, and senior leadership levels.

practical solutions 

Our skilled and experienced consultants, facilitators, psychologists, learning designers and coaches provide customised practical solutions and support for your needs.

Local expertise and
proven practices

We offer clients a uniquely rich depth of understanding, perspective and judgement gained from over 60 years of experience recruiting and developing New Zealand’s leaders, combined with access to evidenced-based solutions.

Sustainable, relevant
and integrated

Our programs and solutions are continually updated with the latest research and thinking. We have solutions to support strategic alignment, selection, development, performance and succession.


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