Director Search

We recognise the importance of a highly competent board to an organisation's future success. We source directors that meet the needs of your unique board skills matrix and succession planning.

Goverance is a fine art supported by high levels of integrity, business judgment and collegiality.

Organisational Strategy and Change

We can support the board and the executive in the development of organisational and talent strategy to deliver.

CEO Reviews

A critical task of a board is to regularly review the performance of the CEO in a transparent and objective manner. Sheffield has proven methodology to support CEO performance reviews and 360° feedback evaluation.

We craft performance-based measures that are objective and aligned to organisational strategy. A development plan for the CEO is also integral to this process.

Board Reviews

Our services reflect that all boards and individual directors are open to continuous development through self-assessment and evaluation. The chair establishes an appropriate competency framework to achieve these outcomes. 

We help you establish an understanding of how your board and directors are performing individually and as a team. Customised surveys and/or interview methodologies can help identify team dynamics, board development needs and support board succession planning. 

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