LIC – Emerging Leader Programme


LIC was seeking support to develop and deliver an Emerging Leader Programme, targeting high-potential, emerging leaders to develop the foundational skills for success as an upcoming leader in the organisation.


What We Did to Help

Our Leadership Development Team at Sheffield worked with the Internal Learning Team at LIC to gain a clearer picture of what good leadership would look like at the frontline leader level. Through the use of DDI’s Interaction Management solutions, we partnered with LIC to develop a sustainable and blended learning journey which would be delivered by in-house DDI certified facilitators at LIC. 

The programme is structured in a way that incorporates a launch event for both participants and their managers in which they are briefed about the details of the programme and given the opportunity to ask questions. From there, selected emerging leaders, participate in a series of four interactive workshop sessions. The initial courses, “Your Leadership Journey” and “Leading Self: Turn Awareness into Impact” were carefully selected to support LIC’s new leaders to transition into a leadership mind frame and develop deeper self-awareness to manage and lead themselves effectively in the workplace. The final two sessions,  “Communication: Connect Through Conversation” and “Leading Teams: Achieve More Together”  focus on effective communication skills, relationship-building and collaboration to achieve success. During these courses, participants are introduced to a set of research-based techniques and tools to enhance interaction skills and awareness of teams’ practical and personal needs. Given the unique situation surrounding Covid-19, we provided the internal team with resources required to deliver the first round of workshop sessions virtually via the zoom platform, with future programmes being delivered face-to-face. 

The learnings from classroom sessions are strengthened by follow up support mechanisms such as 1:1 sessions with experienced leaders from within the organisation, and a post-programme reflection event. Ongoing support is also provided to reinforce participants’ new skills, including additional online tools and resources which is provided via the online DDI PinPoint platform. 


What Happened as a Result

There has been significant interest in participation of the programme, leading to an increased number of programmes being run in house. Feedback on the Emerging Leader Programme has been positive highlighting the relevance of the skills and tools to the workplace. With LIC having internal capability to deliver these programmes, Sheffield provides ongoing support to ensure the team at LIC are kept up to date on programme innovations and research available.