With many years’ experience appointing senior leaders, we at Sheffield often talk to Boards and Chief Executives about their organisational “bench strength”.

This recent report from DDI - Development Dimensions International explores how organisations with high-quality leadership development programmes not only have higher-quality leaders, but a significantly stronger bench.  Furthermore, how combining assessment with development delivered even higher bench strength. 

The results signalled that nearly 40% of organisations with both high-quality development and assessment had a strong bench of leaders ready for critical roles.

At Sheffield we can assist with both leadership development programmes and leverage assessment for diagnosing leadership strengths and needs for development.  We take an objective approach to selecting the right assessments to suit a client’s specific and needs and environment.  Our point of difference is the experience and interpretation skills of our dedicated assessment consultants.  If you are interested to understand more about our comprehensive suite of offerings pertaining to leadership and assessment options, we would be delighted to discuss them further with you.

You can read an excellent summary on “Development + Assessment = Bench Strength” here.

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