By Nick Gee


In this age of everything DIY (DIY websites, DIY accounting software, DIY marketing etc.) one might ask: why outsource anything? Why, for example, use a recruiter, when you can probably do it yourself?

Essentially it’s because it’s more than just a process. Whilst you can possibly do your own accounting, you’re probably best to use a professional accountant. Same goes for recruitment.

Here’s why:

  • Recruiters take care of the advertising; they’ve been writing compelling ads for years.
  • Recruiters interview more people in a month than most people do in a lifetime and know what to look for in potential candidates. They can conduct behavioural based interviews, using candidate evaluation criteria that are aligned to your company values.
  • Recruiters are independent. It’s much easier for recruiters to “shoulder-tap” someone from your competition than you (plus some workplace policies may prevent you from doing this).
  • Given that recruiters are independent, they work hard for both client and candidates alike. Candidates are more likely to discuss their true motivations, reservations and career aspirations with a recruiter, enabling recruiters to ensure that the “fit” is mutual.
  • Recruiters can talk confidentially about the role on offer to candidates who may be uncomfortable enquiring directly to a potential new employer (we can also screen timewasters).
  • Recruiters have a substantial database to tap into, well-established networks to call on and the good ones should also have a LinkedIn “recruiter-level” license.
  • Recruiters know what success looks like. Going through a recruiter means you’re buying good process and sound judgement.
  • Recruitment firms should have psychologists on hand ready to psychometrically assess candidates, adding richer candidate insight and enhancing the ability to predict future job performance.
  • You’ll save time. Recruiters are good at this stuff. It’s what we do. And we’ve honed it down to a fine art.
  • You’ll save money and get a better result. You know the programmes about DIY disasters and how you should have got the experts in at the start? Recruitment is no different. You probably already know the cost of a bad hire.
  • You will get peace of mind. Recruiters should offer a guarantee, which you don’t get if you go it alone. (N.B. Sheffield offers a 12 month guarantee on all our placements - not all recruiters offer this so check first).

The list does go on but I’ll finish up by stating that in working with a recruiter, you’ll save yourself the hassle - they’ll lighten the load.

We LOVE searching and selecting potential candidates and matching them into roles. We’ve been doing it for years and we’re good at it. At least that’s what our clients say. 

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