By Julie Black

Are you a LinkedIn all-star? If you’re looking to make a career adjustment or seeking a new job then make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-speed and looking sharp. Whilst it may be tempting to come across as the perfect candidate for anything and everything, it’s actually better to focus and get specific, and thankfully LinkedIn allows you to do this.


Write a catchy headline

David Ogilvy said that five times as many people read headlines than they do the bodycopy. Whilst he was obviously referring to advertising, he’s quite correct - headlines matter.

You could simply put CEO or HR Director, but why not use this opportunity to tell others something about yourself?  How about “Visionary leader and entrepreneur” or “Strategy guru” or something else just as interesting and engaging?

Your profile reveals your recent job titles so you can use the headline as an opportunity to stand out. If you really get stuck, go to edit your headline and click “show examples” for other similar people’s headlines


Refine your summary

It is critical to write your summary in the first person.  This should be similar to the personal statement that you might use on your CV, so it’s an opportunity to let a little of your personality shine through.

Remember to include key words in your summary - these are words that a search-consultant might type in when looking for a suitable candidate. For example if you’ve had board experience, make sure that this is captured not only in the body of your profile, but also in your summary, this way you’re more likely to be found.


Tell us what you’ve won, not what you’ve done

Highlight your achievements and accomplishments, as opposed to your areas of responsibilities. If you’ve got stats and numbers to back it up, put them in.  LinkedIn allows you to upload media, so if there’s a video or presentation that portrays your accomplishments, make sure you upload it.


Get the photo right

Finally, get a photo. Profiles with photographs get around 14 times more views than those without. It should be a professional photo, a clear headshot is best.

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