Garry Webber, Mayor, Western Bay of Plenty District Council  

“When our CEO advised that she would be resigning at the end of her current contract, our council decided to call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from the professional recruitment industry.

In calling for those EOIs we asked for three criteria to be covered:
1) How they would conduct a survey of Councillors of their views on what they felt we needed in a new CEO.
2) How they would summarise that survey to provide a guideline to our Recruitment Committee for a robust best practice recruitment process, and
3) An estimated timeline and cost estimate to complete the exercise in a timely manner.

In our current CEO we had a high performing leader and our council was determined to undertake an international search to find a Candidate that would take our council to an even higher performance level. We also wanted to ensure the new candidate had a proven set of soft skills to ensure our culture was at least maintained and if possible enhanced.

Sheffield Search came through the EOI process and now that our new CEO is in place I am confident we chose the right Team to work with us."

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