This past October, 175+ HR professionals convened in Clearwater Beach, Florida for DDI’s LeaderCon, to share best practices, networking, and to see what's new in leadership development. 20+ organisations, such as Hanesbrands, The TJX Companies, Panasonic and Sanofi shared their powerful stories of how they are using leadership development to impact their business strategies – including their challenges, their successes, lessons learned and plans for the future. Best-selling author and internationally acclaimed speaker, Andrew Davis, opened the conference with an energetic presentation on how successful leaders can make the leap from ‘expert’ to ‘extraordinary’.

On day two, author of the best-selling book The Surprising Science of Meetings, Dr Steven Rogelberg, shared an evidence-based path for leaders to realise the true potential of meetings and assure ROI on what is a massive investment of time. If your company struggles with getting the most out of every meeting, this book is for you.

In addition, DDI showcased a number of new and innovative products and technologies during the conference – several of which have great promise for the NZ market:


DDI Pinpoint
According to DDI’s 2018 Global Leadership Forecast, 72% of leaders want personalized learning. Pinpoint offers a ‘one-stop shop’ in support of formal learning which is an on-demand and personalised learning experience. Pinpoint can improve leaders’ skills anytime, anywhere, from any device. There are approximately 200 resources, including a variety of exercises and resources to reinforce learning and support on-the-job-application of new skills such as:

  • Discussion Planners
  • Self-assessments
  • Games
  • Challenging Situations
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Simulations

Benefits include:

  • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks (includes a variety of customisable email messages to push reminders to learners)
  • Integration of technology into an organisation’s development programmes
  • Increased reach and impact by empowering leaders to take charge of their development
  • Incorporation of technology into the classroom experience


Ever wonder how to measure whether learners are actually applying what they learned? To help solve for this, DDI has recently partnered with Rhabit – a tinder-esque app that transforms one minute per week into 30+ objective, actionable data points per employee. Those data points are funnelled into dashboards that individual contributors, managers, talent leaders and executives can access. Everyone can measure progress and identify opportunities to improve – and talent leaders can create game plans to guide their teams toward the behavioural changes needed to meet company goals.

The Rhabit platform is an easy-to-use workplace feedback tool that enables your employees to regularly and anonymously give feedback to their team members, providing key insights to help managers become more effective leaders. The platform measures a wide range of behaviours that align with company values such as effective delegating, communicating, planning and coaching. The platform sends simple prompts to employees about once a week to encourage them to report whether they’ve observed these behaviours in their leaders by responding with a quick swipe left, right or down on their smartphone. The process is quick, simple, and psychologically safe.

Rhabit helps team members at every level of an organisation gain self-insight. Leaders use Rhabit to understand how others are perceiving their actions, helping them identify strengths and areas where they may be struggling. Beyond helping individual leaders, the software plays a crucial role for human resources professionals who need accurate data to help build a high-performance culture, identify their top performers and inform their strategic investments in employee development.

DDI has integrated Rhabit’s technology into its leadership development programmes to measure how well leaders demonstrate leadership skills before, during and after the programme. The data can help leaders see how well they’re using new skills, and how changes in their behaviours can improve their effectiveness in their jobs. Employees can review recent feedback, see their strengths and identify growth opportunities – all in one easy-to-use dashboard. They can also create individual goals that roll up to their team’s overall goals. Managers can review team-wide highlights, or drill down to understand feedback for each direct report. They can also create team-wide goals that ladder-up to corporate’s annual objectives.



In September 2019, DDI invested in CoachLogix, a technology company with a powerful coaching platform. Designed to relieve the administrative burden of managing a coaching practice, the CoachLogix platform integrates vendors, scheduling, coach matching, reporting, billing and many other features into one simple platform. Launched in 2014, CoachLogix serves thousands of clients worldwide, including LinkedIn, Mayo Clinic and Walmart.

In line with research showing that leaders want more coaching from internal and external mentors, the CoachLogix platform serves both HR practitioners and individual coaches from inside and outside the organisation. From one interface, HR can assign coaches to employees, then track activities, tasks, engagements and results. CoachLogix aims to automate as many of those processes as possible, creating a single coaching ecosystem.


To learn more these or other DDI initiatives, please get in touch with Kari Naimon

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