Critical Staffing Strategies for CFOs

Forbes has recently released an article highlighting staffing flexibility as a critical aspect of an organisation’s success.

Recession is a word that is continuing to pop up. A recent Forbes article highlights that this may lead companies to consider slowing down recruitment. The article goes on to say, that the opposite might be the wisest course of action. Holding back on making critical hires could undermine an organisation's resilience and an opportunnity to thrive when you need all hands on deck.

As the Great Resignation continues, investing in key hires and up-skilling your workforce is recommended. While there may be an urge to tighten the budget, this approach may potentially lead to critical gaps in skills and expertise needed in the future. 

The article offers three strategies to consider:

Prioritise Hiring to Meet Today’s Needs — and Tomorrow’s

If you’re already struggling to hire skilled professionals now, imagine how tough it will be later when you need to staff up quickly to meet new business demands.

Forbes recommends identifying the positions in your organisation that should remain staffed no matter what, and then amplify hiring and retention efforts where needed. It also recommends prioritising critical hires for key roles and departments.  

Provide flexible offerings 

Since the pandemic, flexible staffing arrangements are growing in demand. Potential employees are looking for options to work from home, and a growing number of organisations are looking into remote staffing solutions. 

Ready your teams now

Now is a great time to review the skills your organisation requires for the future. In fact, reviewing your teams capabiltiy should be part of any 'new normal'. Up-skilling and re-skilling staff is a great way to accelerate the development of your organisation's future workforce.

Sheffield is able to provide support for your organisation in implementing these sorts of strategies through our integrated executive search and leadership development offerings. 

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