Good Coach - Bad Coach: Is Manager Coaching Really Effective?

Many leaders say coaching from their managers is their least preferred way to be developed. Where is manager coaching going wrong? How can managers become better coaches?

So, is coaching truly losing its popularity with leaders? Or is there something else preventing leaders from wanting coaching from their boss? And is workplace coaching even an effective form of development? In this blog, we’ll get to the bottom of these questions.

Of course, the previously stated question on the popularity of coaching is a rhetorical one. We know there must be something else at play because that same GLF research also shows that leaders who say their managers have good coaching skills also report wanting more coaching from them. Shocking, isn’t it? Okay maybe not so much, but what is somewhat surprising is there are still many leaders who report that their manager isn’t great at coaching.

Read the full article here for some insightful research into Manager Coaching.

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