Opportunity to join Sheffield at Women on Boards Masterclass

Sheffield is well-known for its work with boards, partnering with a large number of organisations throughout New Zealand to build capability and support independent director recruitment.

Sheffield is proud to be a part of the Women on Boards Governance MasterclassDeveloped by women, for women, this in-person, one-day programme will provide the essentials for women looking to advance their governance careers and improve their governance knowledge and skills. 

Louise Green, General Manager of Sheffield South Island, is speaking on the day and will be providing practical advice for aspiring and experienced alike on how to prepare for a board role -  including personal branding, CV building, interview techniques and pathways to board appointments. 

Sheffield is delighted to offer one woman the opportunity to join the Women on Boards Governance Masterclass in-person on 21st February 2024 in Christchurch. Aimed at those working in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors the programme is a combination of education, practical training and networking and is a must attend course for women in governance. For more information click here

If you’re interested, please email Jane Pollitt (jane.pollitt@sheffield.co.nz) explaining why you’d like to attend the Masterclass and how you hope to apply the things you learn as part of your governance experience. 

The Value Women bring to Boards.

There is now a substantial body of evidence that demonstrates that having women on boards improves overall board effectiveness.  To date, the research has centred on the increased diversity, experiences, opinions and strategies that result from having women on boards.

A recent HBR article went a step further and discussed a study in which in-depth interviews with women and men directors were conducted to understand the difference that women have in the boardroom itself.  How does board member behaviour change and how do board discussions unfold within the presence of women?

The study found that:

  • Female directors are well-prepared and concerned with accountability.  Put simply, they show up prepared and ready to roll up their sleeves.  

  • Female directors are better at acknowledging when they don’t know something and are more willing to ask questions. 

  • Female directors improve the quality of discussions and allow for more nuance

  • Men in the room can become less competitive and the women create a more open atmosphere. 

  • The presence of women reduces “pluralistic ignorance” (where people mistakenly believe that others predominantly hold an opinion different from their own.)

Overall, the study found, women bring a depth of discussion and increased opinions that improve the effectiveness and performance of boards. 

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