Sheffield sponsors the Taituarā 2024 Sheffield Emerging Leader of the Year Award

“What a wonderful opportunity it was to attend and sponsor the LGFA Taituarā 10th annual excellence awards. The evening highlighted inspired and innovative work done by councils around the country. The award we sponsored was the Sheffield Emerging Leader of the year award who went to a very deserving Rebecca England whose future is exceptionally bright in both leadership and local government. We look forward to celebrating the continued successes of the sector, the organisations and the individuals who were celebrated and those who are yet to come”. - Katy Anquetil, Sheffield Executive Director Wellington

Sheffield was proud to sponsor the Sheffield Emerging Leader of the Year Award at the 2024 LGFA Taituarā Local Government Excellence Awards. 

As part of these responsibilities, we are part of the judging panel and announce the winner at the event. Sponsoring this award is part of our ongoing dedication to supporting the local government sector, and the future leadership of Aotearoa.  

An integrated leadership development and executive search approach is an important part of the service we provide. Both emerging and established leaders need to be supported throughout their career. This starts with a partnership with the sector to show how this talent can be identified and nurtured.  

"Inherent in our sponsorship we wish to recognise and celebrate all those in local government who commit themselves to serving the citizenry of Aotearoa/New Zealand. We are proud to have partnered with the sector throughout our 63-year history." - Ian Taylor, Managing Director Sheffield North Island. 

About the LGFA Taituarā Local Government Excellence Awards ® 

The LGFA Taituarā Local Government Excellence Awards® support a culture of success in the local government sector and encourage the sharing of good ideas and good practice amongst local authorities. Councils are encouraged to enter to impact the local government sector and to gain recognition of their excellent work. 

About the 2024 Sheffield Emerging leader of the year award  

The Sheffield Emerging Leader of the Year Award recognises an emerging local government leader, aged 35 or under, who has a proven track record of designing or delivering innovative and successful programmes, projects, processes, or practices with an identifiable community impact. 

The award is offered as an important aspect of the Taituarā strategy to support increased leadership capability in the sector. The Sheffield Emerging Leader of the Year Award is part of the Taituarā Leadership Pathways initiative which includes a range of programmes and activities that provide staff across the sector with outstanding leadership development opportunities. The recipient will attend the ICMA Conference in the United States. 

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