Developing Great Leaders

Sheffield has over 60 years of experience designing targeted leadership development programmes. 

With organisational success as a prime focus, these programmes consist of deeply engaging developmental experiences that are quantifiable across a range of measures. 


Our services include:

  • Design and delivery of tailored leadership development programmes, spanning the entire leadership journey - from emerging to strategic leadership.
  • Blended learning journeys including leader assessment, skill development and application through workshops, 1:1 coaching, focused learning events and team development. 
  • Access to unique resources such as short online courses and self-insight tools for reinforcement of learning. 
  • Flexible learning modalities allowing us to deliver training in person, virtually and through the use of our online learning library. 
  • A range of modalities and unique tools that ensure every leader receives a personalised learning experience, accommodating all learning styles and preferences. 


Our Programmes 

As the licensed partner of DDI in New Zealand, our consultants draw on international ‘cutting edge’ and award- winning leadership development content. Find out more about DDI here

Our programmes focus on the development of fundamental as well as more advanced leadership skills, including (but not limited to): 

  • Leading Through Change and Disruption   
  • Developing a Coaching Culture
  • Having Courageous & Meaningful Conversations
  • Leading Virtually 
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Excel as a First Time Leader
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Staying Strong Under Pressure 
  • Embracing Inclusion and Diversity 
  • The Art & Science of Interviewing 


Virtual Leadership Development 

Great leadership depends on human connection which is why it is so important that your leaders are able to learn together. While it might be tempting to put your leadership development initiatives ‘on hold’ during a crisis, the reality is that effective leadership is even more important in times like this. 

As COVID-19 has proven, this experience does not need to be sacrificed when your leaders are working remotely! Our virtual sessions are facilitator-led, which means that participants interact and work together as they learn. This is most definitely not a webinar – it’s classroom learning in a virtual setting. Virtual instructor-led sessions offer incredible flexibility to bring people together wherever and whenever works best.

Sheffield is ready, willing and able to provide leadership development sessions in-person (where possible), remotely, or in combination - and has a plethora of impactful, immediately useable content which can be delivered in smaller chunks to your leaders in whatever environment they find themselves. 


Supporting the Virtual Workforce

Leaders need support now more than ever, in both understanding how to remain connected to a virtual workforce and how to manage the daily pressures of virtual working such as personal motivation, productivity and morale. 

As experts in delivering leadership development virtually, we have built targeted learning journeys specifically to meet these challenges. These programmes help leaders to coach, develop and lead their teams no matter what the environment. 





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